About US

Who are we?

For 10 years, Globerain has been the specialist in board games.

Located in the heart of HK, our two stores offer a wide catalogue: board games, role-playing games, classic games, card games, figurine games, etc..

Our Globerain team is here to guide you through the quintessence of board games, for all tastes and all ages.

And we don't stop there! Whether you are in France or on the other side of the world, our online shop offers more than 35.000 references to be delivered directly to your home, and under the best conditions.

Globerain is a team of passionate people, ready to pass on to you their love for gaming.

1. We sell Board Games! 
We place a great focus on price, not so that it is profitable for us but more so that it is competitive, affordable and fair.
2. We do our Research!
This is so you don't have to (or at least reduces the amount you may have had to do?) it is important to be able to pick out the right thing to sink your time in. Board games are getting better and better and often for the people who buy boardgames, finding the right one can feel like fumbling for a needle in a haystack...of mediocrity. 
Hence we want to streamline the experience by:
  • Spending our time to research the market and leverage data from the community so you don’t have to
  • Perform playtest after playtest to actually experience the game ourselves and tell you what we think is good about a board game and what could be better, rather than just try selling it blindly
  • This results in board game categories that make sense, metrics that are informative and concise, we may even endeavour to include a review on our board games if time allows.
3. We care about you!
Have a query about orders, a question about board games or if you just want to chat, come and talk to us! Finally, you will find a store that is honest and cares about you as a customer by assisting you in your journey in finding the right board game for you and your friends, ensuring the product you purchased will be fun, hoping your friends like it too, and if not or if so, we can learn about your preferences more.

Our vision

Our vision for Globerain is broad. We want families around the world to have Globerain products, we want to spread funny and happiness to families around the world, and we want to be NO.1

Room 1501, 181 Queen’s Road Central, Grand Millennium Plaza, Hong Kong(It's not return address,thanks)