SleepDream ™ Wellness Pillow

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Do you have restless sleep or wake up with neck pain, stiffness or headache?

Waking up in the morning with neck pain is a terrible feeling . A neck bend not only impedes mobility and causes sharp pain in the arms or back, but is often the cause of headaches that range from dull to migraines.

Morning neck pain can last all day and may even cause back pain, sciatica, numbness in the arms and legs , and usually leave you feeling irritated and tired. People often blame their mattress for waking up with neck pain, but rarely think about your pillow.

A good night's sleep depends on a healthy sleeping position and above all on a good pillow .

Statistics have shown that fixing the sleeping position with the SleepDream ™ Wellness Pillow  led to healing in well over 60% of patients who reported neck and back pain to a physiotherapist and chiropractor.

Our SleepDream ™  is the perfect solution that combines calming comfort and therapeutic relief of the cervical spine.


the intervertebral discs in the neck area through the alignment of the cervical spine, the even weight distribution and helps to relieve pressure, neck, shoulder and back stiffness and pain due to long working days.

Keeps the airways aligned and free to relieve snoring.

Stress and blood pressure are reduced , cell damage is repaired, risk factors for diseases, obesity and depression can be reduced. The mood, memory and concentration are improved.


Traditional pillows

on your back: Without a firm grip, your head tends to be pushed forward. The neck is then no longer aligned. This leads to neck, back and shoulder pain as well as headache and increases the likelihood of snoring.

On the side: Your neck and head are too easily stretched out of alignment because a traditional pillow is not high enough. In addition, the spine is not kept straight, which aggravates neck, back and shoulder problems.

Conventional pillows are often too warm and trap moisture, which can lead to odor and bacteria growth.

Our SleepDream ™ Wellness Pillow

Treatment / prevention of the following problem areas:

✔️Relief of neck pain
✔️Pain relief in the upper back area
✔️Correct alignment of the spine
snoring ✔️Jaw joint (TMJ) relief


1 x SleepDream ™ Wellness Pillow

Size: 50 * 30 * 7 * 10cm
Made from breathable memory foam

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